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on Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:28 am
Hi guys !! Cool Cool
SURPRISE EVENT will be a forever event !! bounce bounce
There are some initials like QnA, HnS, FH, JRS, KTGM, FTT, BM. This initials will be used on what type of event is hosted. scratch
How to join? Just be always online to join Very Happy scratch scratch
QnA = Question 'n Answer
HnS = Hide 'n Seek
FH = Fast Hand
JRS = Jump Run and Sit
KTGM = Kill The GM
FTT = First To Trade
BM = Bring Me
Where? In-game or in stated locations all over Madrigal. scratch scratch scratch
When? It's a SURPRISE Event so NO-ONE KNOWS when will the event starts.(Only GM EugKings knows) Razz
Prizes: Surprise also.(Only GM EugKings knows) Razz Razz
So be ready because anytime it'll be started and announced in-game. affraid affraid affraid
~GM EugKings
Come and play with us !!
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on Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:21 am
It'll be nice sir if the event can be done everyday...

It can always attract players beacause of the rewards/prizes...

And also you can add it up to the gtop lists' description...

Like event everyday.
Since you already are hiring more gm's

Event everyday is not impossible..
That's for me sir.. hehe


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